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Temp-Taker 6 Kit (METZ)

Temp-Taker 6 Kit (METZ)


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Temp-Taker 6 Kit can be configured to your services by choosing the customization option for $395.

Temp-Taker 6 takes HACCP management to a whole new level by enhancing food safety while minimizing human errors. Wireless Bluetooth technology delivers the results instantly and generates clear, detailed records that are electronically accessible and completely organized. Now is the time to stop handwriting temp logs and checklists with Temp-Taker 6.

Automated Food Safety Solutions:

  • Hot/Cold Holding
  • Cooking/Cooling/Reheating Temps
  • Corrective Actions for out-of-Range Temps
  • Checklists
  • Time in Leu of Temps/Time as Public Health control
  • Digital Timers
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • Temperature Management
  • HACCP Management
  • Auto Temp
    Temp-Taker 6 Includes:
    • Temp-Taker 6 Software
    • TT6 Handheld unit
    • TT6 Probe
    • Protective Rubber Boot
    • Container of Probe Wipes
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