Temp-Guardian MINI Auto Hand Scan Thermometer with Monitor Station

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The close-range temperature measuring intergraded machine use medical-grade high-precision infrared temperature measurement sensors to detect the body temperature of the human body by measuring human palm, wrist, or forehead. The device has built-in dual sensors for distance and temperature. It uses a non-contact temperature measurement method. Through the cross-temperature algorithm of the distance sensor and the temperature sensor, the body temperature can be detected without touching the device. The equipment has high accuracy, the temperature measurement error is less than 0.2 ?? and the single temperature testing speed is less than 0.5 second. It is very suitable for rapid temperature measurement for crowded areas or places without security or medical staff to hold the temperature gun. Effectively improve the temperature measurement efficiency, increase the passage rate, reduce the number of medical personnel, reduce personnel cost, etc., compare with the temperature testing gun has a wider applicability and application advantages.

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